Product Inspection Services

Insight Quality Services performs on-site Product Inspections following internationally accepted AQL standards, so you can spend your time doing what matters most for you.

Lab Testing Services

Knowing whether the product you’re sourcing and importing from your suppliers conforms to international standards is vital for minimizing the risk of importing unsuitable merchandise. Insight Quality Services leverages its relationships with numerous labs to assist with your testing needs.

Factory Audit Services

Insight Quality offers Social Compliance Audits and Security/C-TPAT, Quality, Capability, and Capacity Assessments as well as customized audit tools that provide insight into your manufacturers and supply chain.

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AQLs – General Level Explained

August 17th, 2016|Comments Off on AQLs – General Level Explained

It is easy to be confused by the seemingly endless stream of acronyms and abbreviations that get thrown around when discussing inspections. One of our goals with this blog is to decode some of that […]

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When Something Goes Wrong

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No Failures: Why Continue with Inspections?

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